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8 Responses to Insun

  1. perspicuity says:

    porcelin takes its name from this 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    Mr. Volk,

    I swear you are going to make me burn my camera and just stop trying. Wow. This is so awesome. Maybe I’ll take up video games as a new hobby….

  3. Camtec says:

    Very nice lighting. Was the difference in lighting from her face to her chest due to light placement or photoshop? Regardless of how you did it, very nice work.

  4. North says:

    Very beautiful! Well done.

  5. docjim505 says:

    Something I admire about your work is how well you bring out the best features of your models, many of whom are apparently not professionals and certainly not of the swimsuit / runway variety.

  6. Lyle says:


  7. Nikolay says:


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