Charter Arms .44Spl Bulldog with CCI “flying ashtrays”

Brassfetcher gelatin test results from a 4″ barrel. Results from 2.5″ barrel are quite close. 44Special and 45ACP are almost ballistic twins. Wider hollow points possible in revolver rounds make up any difference.

Bulldog | Blazer ballistic data

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8 Responses to Charter Arms .44Spl Bulldog with CCI “flying ashtrays”

  1. Camtec says:

    Excellent job.

  2. Sigivald says:

    Would the difference between .429″ and .452″ be meaningful at all, do you think?

    Pretty marginal at most, I’m thinking.

  3. R. says:

    I’d be sold if I had the faintest idea of what an ounce is… 😀
    I really wish Arne Boberg gets around to making a .45ACP Boberg. In fact, I wonder why he didn’t start there, but he probably has good reasons that are not obvious to people who are not gun engineers..
    That’d be the ultimate pocket gun, imho.


  4. Rivrdog says:

    Got my first Bulldog a few weeks ago, have put just under 100 rounds through it. First impression: I can bet on a one-shot stop with this weapon. First real gripe: with a 2.5″ barrel, the holsters advertised to fit properly, don’t. I have a Galco belt slide #W109WCD the gunshop recommended, and it’s a well-built holster, but the last quarter-inch of the barrel sticks out from the end, and WILL get dinged over the years.

    BTW, I’m not impressed with the defense ammo offered for the gun, so I made my own.

    That load is just a bit steamier than .45 ACP hardball. The major obstacle you have to overcome with this caliber is low muzzle velocity due to low SAAMI max pressure. Hollow point ammo doesn’t expand reliably much under 800-850 fps, but with the huge, wide bullet, you don’t need expansion to make a disabling wound, so always load hardball for defense. The extra 40 grains of weight in the hardball, plus the big meplat outweighs the extra 100 fps you get with the JHP in wounding probability.

  5. "lee n. field" says:

    Might want to put more space between “21” and “OZ”. My first misreading was as “two hundred and ten ounce”.

  6. Sean says:

    How odd. There is a stainless Bulldog in the drawer in front of me, loaded exactly the same. And another on top of the medicine chest in the bathroom. No laser grips however. I just can’t see spending $250 on grips for a guns I paid less than $350, total for both. I did get bored one night and polish one very very shinny. I will get around to the other one of these days.

  7. Cybrludite says:

    Hah! I didn’t know anyone else called CCI’s hollowpoints by that name. 😀

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