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Let’s talk about greed and hoarding.

These two charges are usually leveled at successful entrepreneurs. A person who hoards money is literally being selfless: they provided a service or produced goods for which they money were given, then proceeded to hold onto these *tokens of value* … Continue reading

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Economic ignorance or a real concern?

I see people bellyaching about Mexicans working in the US and sending cash home. When a person performs work or sells a product, they get money for it. The money is a claim on future services or goods. If that … Continue reading

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US Postal service must be really slow…

I was told “the check is in the mail” a couple of months ago, and it hasn’t arrived from Central Florida yet. ¬†Two weeks ago, the same folks told me that they will actually have funds to pay at the … Continue reading

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Utah friend needs legal/financial advice

A friend just got pre-approved for a home loan. The bank then reversed itself saying that they looked more closely and her credit wasn’t as good. So she dug deeper and found the following: DATC, a tech school which she … Continue reading

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Good places to shop with Bitcoin?

I have a small Bitcoin account and would like to put the funds in it to use. What’s a good place to buy electronics or ammunition with it?

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Price comparisons

Just an idle thought: from 1900 to 1933, US dollar was worth roughly a pennyweight (1/20 troy ounce or 1.556 gram) of gold. As of today, gold trades for just under $43/gram. A dollar today buys about 67 times less … Continue reading

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When inflation isn’t.

In my previous post, I cited the rise of ammunition and restaurant meal prices as examples of inflation. That wasn’t the whole story. Inflation is what happens when the amount of money in circulation increases faster than the supply of … Continue reading

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The economics of gun control.

We talk often about the technical aspects of gun control. Arbitrary specifications, capricious enforcement, massive mis-allocation of resouces… What are the financial effects of gun control as proposed by Feinstein and others of her kind? The most immediate effect is … Continue reading

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The Hidden Inflation.

Producers are under two pressures: to raise prices to account for the loss of purchasing power of each dollar, and to lower prices to attract customers with declining incomes. They most obvious way to accomplish both is to keep the … Continue reading

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Inflation Estimate

My best estimate for inflation on my own consumer goods basket this year is 21% rather than the official 3%. Product and service quality have dropped noticeably to maintain a price point. Personal incomes have dropped largely because government spending … Continue reading

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A question for the economists

Would a US government default on its obligations necessarily or even likely mean that private companies would have a harder time borrowing money?

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What’s in his nassssty pocketsssesss?

In Sprague de Camp’s Lest Darkness Fall (now available freely on-line!), a historian visiting Rome gets shunted from 1939 to 536AD. Besides half-way decent knowledge of Latin, he has what was in his pockets at the time of the transfer: … Continue reading

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