Very nice jewelry

Mike Williamson just turned me onto jewelry by Jeni Benos. Gorgeous work — and the artist herself is a work of art too.

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3 Responses to Very nice jewelry

  1. I absolutely love her work and can attest to the quality. Bought a pair of her ‘Scrolled Primer Earrings’ as a birthday gift for my daughter last year. She was even gracious enough to accomodate a special order for me by using .357 Mag casings.

    Jeni is my go-to-girl when in need of some gunnie bling for the ladies.

  2. Jeni is a sweetheart, I’ve bought some stuff from her at various shows here on the east coast and have always enjoyed speaking with her. How can you not love a beautiful woman who is a talented artist and who empties her own brass for her jewelry projects?

  3. ol' Huff says:

    She was next to me an another dude running a booth for Appleseed at the Indy 1500 a couple years ago. I had to have the necklace pictured above for my woman in .45acp (her favorite caliber of course). The weird thing is how much people fawn over it. She wears it all the time and shooters go bonkers because they love the idea. Non-shooters go bonkers because its beautiful and have no idea what it is.

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