How to *remove* a copyright notice from Facebook posts?

Recently, I added “Copyright:Oleg Volk (For use permission ask” into EXIF generated by my camera. Today, I notice that photos posted on Facebook directly pop that up in the captions, which I do not want. Any ideas how I can get around that problem? I want my files tagged but I do not want FB to attach the notice to every image posted up.

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  1. TCHall says:


    I’m gonna guess that it’s the field that is being brought up… Haven’t looked into it yet, but I’d bet on their software just looking at the file and pulling from the copyright field.

    You might experiement with some of the other fields and find one that doesn’t get displayed… the tag would still be in the EXIF data, just not visible on FB…

    OTOH I’m not seeing that show up after the picture loads???


  2. Stevan says:

    You can remove/replace/edit the copyright EXIF data within Adobe Bridge.

  3. Kristophr says:

    Ermmm, your Facebook ToS says you give Facebook rights to anything you post their obnoxious service:

    Stop using facebook.

  4. Sigivald says:

    Yes, Kristophr – the “rights” to show it on the internet.

    (Turns out that without reproduction and display rights, they can’t show your friends your photos!)

    Consumerist is pretty bad at understanding law – and that post is from 2009.

  5. Alex Lane says:

    If you are editing the field, then you might want to enclose the text between “<!–” and “–>”. This markup causes text betweeen “<!–” and “–>” to not be displayed.

    (For exasmple “|<!–This text–>|” gets displayed as “||”, where the vertical bars serve as reference markers.)

    That said, now I’m dying to see how your comment feature handles my comment.


    • Alex Lane says:

      My comment renders correctly on my browser, although the markup is:

      less-than sign
      exclamation point

      Text you want not displayed

      greater-than sign


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