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Practical merits of .410 aside…

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Good quality .410 ammunition for fun guns.

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An observation about .410 defensive shotguns

Yesterday, I had a chance to play with Mossberg 500HD, a .410 pump designed for defense. We test-fired a whole bunch of ammo types at the IDTS 3D target and more at an old cooking pan, some rotten logs and … Continue reading

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New on AllAoutdoor: Maximizing .410 performance

Making the best of a marginal bore.

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Rossi Circuit Judge 45Colt/.410: new on AllOutdoor

What price versatility?

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Restored heirloom

My friend got this gun when he was 7 years old. By the time I saw it, the old bolt action 410 was rusty, nasty and had severely damaged wood with little finish left on it. Then Buck Williams from … Continue reading

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Yesterday at the range.

(Photo by Matt Vollman) SU16 locked on an empty magazine. Trijicon Reflex strikes me as a good sight for a short-range defensive rifle — it’s always on and has a fairly wide field of view. Laser provides a backup solution. … Continue reading

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Revolving shotgun

.410 shotguns fill a certain niche. In this case, low recoil, light weight and good balance permitting one-handed operation are important, as is the reduced report volume.

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Trojan Horse bag

I had a chance to test fire the Rossi .410 revolver shotgun last weekend. Not much kick, easy manual of arms. Brenneke 3″ slugs cloverleafed at 15 yards, which was expected. Tried S&B five-pellet 00 (actually .31″) buckshot…mostly horizontal dispersion … Continue reading

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Two lightweights

Go ahead, tell me that real shotguns have heft and girth…

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Small bore shotgun, small bore rifle

Father with Marlin 795LTR (Appleseed model) carbine. Daughter with Cavalry SX410 shotgun.

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