New on AllAoutdoor: Maximizing .410 performance

Making the best of a marginal bore.

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  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Very interesting post, thank you for pursuing this. The .410 is the Rodney Dangerfield of the shotgun bores (I get no respect – no respect at all! ) but the noted advantage you mention makes it a good choice as a foraging weapon. Wing shooting is minimized due to low amount of ammunition – pot shots (shots at standing game for more sure kills) would be far more wise and the smaller shot load damages less meat.

    My very 1st ‘deer gun’ was a single shot Savage 94Y .410 loaded with slugs. Thankfully, I never saw a deer close enough to shoot one with it, pie plate accuracy (6″) with Federal slug loads and a single front bead sight was the best I could manage at 20 yards. Given a standard set of irons (or a red dot sight), its good to know the these Brenecke slugs give the shooter a better choice. I’ve got a 10″ T/C Contender ‘Hot Shot’ barrel that I might try this, just for fun.

    Thanks again for the article.

  2. Tokarev says:

    I really enjoy mine. I bought it for squirrel hunting and as such, it’s about perfect. When I bought it, it had the factory 1.5 power scope already mounted on it. I got lucky and found it new in the store back before they discontinued them and only paid $200 +tax & tags.

    My technique is to carry it with the selector button on the hammer in the top position for the .22 barrel for standing shots. Then it was easy to just push the button down with my thumb, without having to take my eyes of the critter, to switch to the bottom .410 barrel on running shots.

    It’s very accurate and versatile little tool.

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