For the fans of LH9

DA/SA pistol with cocked and locked capability. The hammer can be pushed forward, flush to the frame but still retain single action pull. DA is available for a re-strike or in case safety off, hammer down carry is preferred for some reason.

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  1. Y. says:

    How come everyone’s aping St.Browning’s design when there are more modern mechanism of firearms operation?

    Like rotating barrel locking for starters- also invented by Browning but never manufactured because it was too difficult to perfect? Which is inherently superior to tilting barrel short recoil because it changes part of the recoil to angular momentum? – which does not raise tha barrel.

    See here an engineer firing his 9×19 design in full auto with little muzzle climb..

    I mean, the Obregon pistol is sure not as hell patent protected, and it I believe worked just fine.

    • PA Stubbs says:

      My brother has a Beretta PX4 Storm is that not a rotating barrel.

      pa, T423

      • Y. says:

        How can it not have a rotating barrel if it’s a Px4? Did Beretta ever release a Px4 with other locking mechanism? If so – please link!

        Also, the gun in the video is not a Beretta, it’s K105, a military / LE only version of the K100.

        Thanks though.

  2. Phssthpok says:

    I wonder if the bobbed hammer will fit my older DH-40?

  3. Sigivald says:

    So… is that any different from the old Daweoo “Fast Action” system from the K5?

    That always seemed like an interesting solution to not-much-of-a-problem.

    (But now I notice “Made in Korea” on the slide, and see that Lionheart’s stuff is … made by Daewoo’s spun-off small arms concern.

    So, I bet it’s not different at all.)

    • Lyle says:

      I wondered about, having a Daewoo. It is interesting. They use a tumbler as a separate piece from the hammer, and so the tumbler can be cocked and the hammer pushed forward so people don’t see your cocked and locked piece as being cocked. I guess it’s just a social feature. The trigger pull from that condition is a bit more than “single action” though, as you still have use a very light “double action” stroke to pull the hammer back before it lets off “single action”. You might say it’s two stage trigger at that point, with a long take-up.

      In any case it’s a well made gun, it handles well enough, and if you don’t want to use the separate hammer feature you can ignore it and probably never know the difference.

  4. MD says:

    It’s an updated Daewoo…

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