Kel-tec SU16 fills the same niche as the original Colt AR15: a lightweight but capable rifle that can go anywhere and not unduly burden the person carrying it. With 18.5″ barrel, it weighs less than an M1 carbine or even the 14.5″-barreled M4 carbine. It has a greater sight radius than AR15 of the same length, and the forend unfolds into a bipod. It’s not intended as a military weapon but can be pressed into defensive use and perform competently. The variant shown is the A model updated with metal front sight base.

My own go-to .223 rifle is an SU16E picked for reliability and lack of blowback with a sound suppressor. The barrel is lighter than that of most AR15s, but civilian firefights involving more than a hundred rounds are pretty rare.

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  1. Y. says:

    What would that be today if adjusted via gov’t reported inflation numbers?

    I think some crap SKS could be bought recently in Czech Republic for such 2011 money..

    and not unduly burden the person carrying it

    Medieval warriors trained with practice swords weighing 3 times that of regular ones.

    People teaching pistol marksmanship often recommend strength training for the upper body. The class I took, every one of us had sore muscles the next five days and we always shot after exercising, except when there was the end of semester competition.

    The instructor a classic stocky-potbellied army veteran (ex commie army though). He could hold a 20 lb plastic coke bottle full of spent lead, like you would hold a handgun when aiming without seeming strained.

    I imagine if you can do that, holding a mere 3 lb handgun in combat stance won’t cause fatigue quickly. And indeed, competitive shooters look athletic usually.

    There’s little downside to having more powerful upper body, as long you don’t go comically overboard, as with bodybuilders and the like. It’ll give you more reserve in a serious situation.

    Here’s a good thread on it:

  2. Y. says:

    What cost $189.50 in 1970 would cost $1105.22 in 2012.

    Would buy an AR-15 for that. Really I would. But even the Norinco ones are more expensive, I believe.

  3. William says:

    kel-Tec “We’re up to producing 7 guns a year now.”

    I mentioned something similar on their FB page and got a response.

  4. What’s the vest the model’s wearing? Does it have integral armor? Details, pse…

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