Yesterday at the range.

(Photo by Matt Vollman)

SU16 locked on an empty magazine. Trijicon Reflex strikes me as a good sight for a short-range defensive rifle — it’s always on and has a fairly wide field of view. Laser provides a backup solution. Pity the irons aren’t see-through, the reflex would have to be dumped first. The rifle itself was boring: no malfunctions, no surprises. Same 1-1.5″ spread at 50m as always.

(Photo by Matt Vollman)

Friend’s 410 Saiga. Great weather, good range company, plenty of ammunition, what’s not to like? I shot 3″ Brenneke slugs from 50 meters (55 yards). At a previous session at 25 yards, all slugs flew straight. At 55, two out of three just started de-stabilizing. Conclusion: this particular smoothbore shotgun is fine out to about 40 yards (manufacturer recommends 35 yards max) but a rifled choke is preferable past that. Fortunately, Brenneke slugs can be fired through either. Most .410 slugs weigh 1/5oz, these are 1/4oz and more solidly constructed. Judging at the ballistic chart, the projectiles go trans-sonic right around 55-60 yards, which explains the instability.

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