Trojan Horse bag

I had a chance to test fire the Rossi .410 revolver shotgun last weekend. Not much kick, easy manual of arms. Brenneke 3″ slugs cloverleafed at 15 yards, which was expected. Tried S&B five-pellet 00 (actually .31″) buckshot…mostly horizontal dispersion right of the point of aim, and the casings wouldn’t come out of the cylinder. Tried that ammo in a .410 Saiga, had to use tools to get the casing out after the first shot. So thumbs down on S&B. Brenneke 3″ through the Saiga also cycled fine and also cloverleafed (at 25 yards with a 4x scope).

The bag is just a nice, well-padded way to carry a 16″ AR with spare mags, or something like the Circuit Judge. It’s generic enough to attract little scrutiny.

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5 Responses to Trojan Horse bag

  1. What’s the point of testing a long gun at 15 or 25 yards?

    • Twistedwire says:

      If that’s where the bad guys are you better damn well hit them!

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I had only a few minutes and had no idea if the sights were zeroed. For a shotgun, 15-25y isn’t an unreasonable range for the initial testing, esp. since I also had shot loads to try.

  2. Rabbit says:

    I carried my Uzi around in a bright blue tennis bag. To quote an old friend, “In the right environment, even the peacock is not noticed”.

  3. XPO172 says:


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