Restored heirloom

My friend got this gun when he was 7 years old. By the time I saw it, the old bolt action 410 was rusty, nasty and had severely damaged wood with little finish left on it. Then Buck Williams from WW Guns had a go at it.

He overprinted the beat-up wood with grain, Cerakoted the metal to approximate the original appearance and clear-coated over the top for durability. The gun now literally looks better than it did when new.

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  1. Jack Spectre says:

    My dad used to have a gun just like that when he was a boy. A few years ago, he saw one at a gun show and impulse bought it. He let me redo the stock and fix a few other things on it. When he died, it passed on to me. It’s a great target and varmint gun.

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