Czechpoint 22WMR revolver

You might recall the photo I posted last year of a 6″ Czechpoint revolver in 22Magnum. This year, I finally got around to firing it. At the birthday party, we had clays set up from about 25 yards out to nearly 70. Shooting this gun single action, I could hit 100% of the clays at 25 yards and better than 50% at 40. For me, especially not knowing how the gun was zeroed, that’s pretty good. The narrow front sight blade and crisp trigger make it an easy gun to shoot well. The factory target shot at 16 yards indicated dispersion of two inches. I suspect that the revolver is actually a bit more accurate than that, as I was hitting clays just over four inches in diameter regularly at more than twice that range. The ammo was soft point BVAC 40gr delivered instead of CCI Maximag I ordered. Its performance seems very good.

Being an alloy framed revolver, Model 361 weights only 34 ounces and holds 9 rounds, while the comparable Taurus Tracker weighs in at 44oz. MSRP is $300 vs. $555.

At this point in time, the price premium of 22WMR over 22LR isn’t great and the availability is much better. The advantages are several: 70% more kinetic energy at the muzzle for more reliable expansion of semi-jacketed bullets, slightly less drop (2.8″ vs. 4.5″ at 50 yards, 12″ vs. 18″ at 100 yards), less wind drift. From a 6″ barrel, 40gr .22LR gets 1050 to 1080fps, and 40gr 22WMR 1380-1400fps. For shooting at point targets, that’s a useful increase and allows tackling larger varmints like coyotes from a farm tractor cab without having to wrangle a full-length rifle required to get even close to such a velocity from 22LR.

While Czechpoint is out of these revolvers and won’t get more until August, they have 22LR and 22WMR revolving carbines. Slightly different niche but identical action and rather higher muzzle velocity with 18″ barrels.

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  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    FYI. Worked the Medina, Ohio Gun Show this past weekend. We had an older Taurus M94 in 22LR we were trying to sell for a Friend. Every one who asked about it said “Is that in .22WMR?” When we said no, they walked away. BTW, a brick of .22LR was going for $100+. And dealers were getting that price.

    FWIW, if one wanted to go in the opposite direction, .17HMR is readily available in BULK up here, and the Rifles for it are running $250-$300.

    Hope this helps.

  3. cpcass says:

    The gun is nice, but the woman is magnificent.

  4. That is a durn nifty looking piece!

  5. "lee n. field" says:

    Thank you. I think this is the actual first review I have seen of any of the Czechpoint revolvers.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Get the next issue of Concealed Carry Magazine: I wrote a detailed review of 38 and 357 Czechpoint models with 3 and 4 inch barrels.

  6. Mike H says:

    I actually have a question on the photo, did you use the computer to make the image of the model b&w afterwards, because I swear that I am seeing color in the background and in her eye. I hate the phrase “it makes the image pop”, but that is the only way I can think of articulating what the color in the picture does, and it shows why I never went into professional photography, I could never compete with the like of people like you Oleg.

    I also have to second cpcass’ comment (it also really helps that her profile reminds me of an ex who moved to TN ~15 years ago. Ah, memories of my youth… 🙂 ).

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  8. Mike says:

    You would not believe how many times I look at someone’s home page and see your work. It is quite distinctive; and I do not know why. Most don’t know the origin or where they lifted it from. So I say, “Another Oleg Volk fan, eh?”. This usually leads to googling as I exit the work space. Anyway, I enjoy your images.

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