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Unit cost averaging

When the cost of guns increases, buy ammo. When ammo is too expensive, buy training. When you can’t afford training, invest in practice. If you can’t afford range time, have no ammo, practice trigger control and getting into firing positions. … Continue reading

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A note to aspiring models.

I work with a wide variety of models, professional, amateur and accidental (friends who happen to fit some idea of mine). This is directed primarily towards the amateur models who are interested in becoming professional. The crucial qualities for a … Continue reading

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Laptop problem — any ideas?

When I got my laptop about 15 months ago, a couple of times it blanked the screen to gray, requiring a reboots. That problem them ceased. Today, I had the same happen twice, followed by three more crashes with screen … Continue reading

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Camcorder recommendations requested

I am looking for an HD camcorder that writes to a memory card. My preliminary search shows several possible models in $1500-$3000 range. Main interest is finding something I can use handheld (or shoulder mounted) without shaking the unit every … Continue reading

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