Pretty is as pretty does

When I first saw this holster, I wondered why anyone would make a pretty holster for a completely utilitarian Glock.Then I got to shoot a new Gen.4 G19 at the range and the accuracy was enough to remind me. Reliable, accurate, lightweight — that’s beauty in its own right.

The holster holds the gun flat to the side, and the quality of work is pretty impressive. The leather isn’t fully boned but holds the shape well enough for one-handed re-holstering. The tooling is subdued enough not to come across as garish but still festive — and black details reduce the bright orange orange flash of the leather.

EJ Redding does good work.

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7 Responses to Pretty is as pretty does

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  2. Josh says:

    Not exactly my style, but it is some fine craftsmanship there. Can’t go wrong with a Glock 19 either 🙂

  3. speechless says:

    Ok, I have to ask. What is the cost? That is a NICE setup!

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  5. Critter says:

    WANT! nownownow! just shutupAndTAKeMYMONEY!!!

  6. E. J. Redding says:

    Thank you for the plug Oleg!

    A holster and mag pouch of this style starts about $250. Add about another $150 for the matching belt.

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