Accurate pistol on the cheap

A year ago, I mentioned Crickett Hunter pistol in an article. More recently, I had a chance to try it for accuracy and was not disappointed.

This is from 25 yards on a windy day, with pistol rested on a bag. Scope is the basic 2×20 shipped with the gun. Ammunition was a birthday gift from a friend about eight years ago.

Other groups I shot were very similar. The one unattached hole was likely the result of my target flexing in the wind. Considering that I am a mediocre marksman and hardly ever shoot scoped pistols, this is pretty impressive. The five round group is around 1/2″, and the four touching bullets are half of that.

Cost to duplicate that: $137 plus whatever your store would charge you for the transfer. The pistol I linked has plastic instead of wooden frame, but also comes with a bipod and a hard case which my pistol did not have. If you prefer wood, $159 gets that. In a world of multi-thousand dollar match pistols, that’s a pretty good deal. The ammunition might not be as cheap as most 22LR, but it appears to be well worth the extra cost for the accuracy.

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