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My poor friend Terry.

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Vintage style

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The deadly dangers of automatic transmission

In America, most cars involved in accidents and deliberate vehicular attacks have automatic transmissions. That’s no surprise, considering that most cars on the road have them. Almost everywhere else in the world, the auto transmission violence isn’t so prevalent. If … Continue reading

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Vehicle question

What is the smallest current production crossover/SUV with upright sitting position, truck-style front seats? Would  Subaru Forester or Outback qualify?

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Two lessons from the biker attack on a family in NY

We now learn that cops were among the bikers who attacked a traveling family in New York and took an active role in the beating. Two lessons jump out at me: 1. Given a choice, try to avoid jurisdictions like … Continue reading

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Don’t end up like Reginald Denny.

SU16D12 The rail was designed by a Kel-tec employee and is one of several made for evaluation. The carbine can be fired with one hand if necessary and runs great with the 60-round Surefire magazine. I’d probably prefer a lighter … Continue reading

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What other .308 autoloader can be deployed rapidly from a subcompact car?

For reference, the vehicle is the tiny Nissan Versa. If necessary, the rifle can be brought to bear and fired on a driver-side threat with one hand. RFB

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New on CTD: Scary cars, scary guns.

Read about car mufflers and gun silencers.

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Orange farm cat

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The loudest girl on this beach

Thompson carbine with 50 and 100 round drums.

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Black dog

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