Don’t end up like Reginald Denny.

SU16D12 The rail was designed by a Kel-tec employee and is one of several made for evaluation. The carbine can be fired with one hand if necessary and runs great with the 60-round Surefire magazine. I’d probably prefer a lighter 20-rounder for vehicle use, but 60 rounds are nice to have if you have to dismount without web gear for spare mags. Parallax free EOTech helps get hits on the move.

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  1. OneFastGeek says:

    I would like to have a rifle for a car gun. However, I would be interested in suggestions on how to secure it from theft, yet keep it somewhat accessible. Thank you for the great photo blog.

  2. Oleg Volk says:

    Either use a rigid locking holder similar to those in cop cars or, better yet, bring it with you when driving and take it away when exiting the vehicle. Short, foldable guns can fit in very discreet cases.

  3. perspicuity says:

    unfortunately, many jurisDICTions do not allow a long gun and ammo to be in the same compartment unsecured, and in particular definitely not loaded (a minus for the KSG)… even with CCW. anti-poaching laws. go figure.

    but i believe, many will permit a magazine fed rifle to at least be available “up front”, as long as the magazine is not inserted.

    this varies wildly though, so, you know, check those local laws. people have been apparently busted for say, using their vehicle to “sight over” or even for having a loaded rifle too near / leaning against their truck. geez.

    some states are fighting this madly, and one in particular will hopefully soon at least allow “cruiser ready”.

    • HTRN says:

      Reginald brings up a big point – and to add some gasoline to the fire, loaded firearms within reach are a serious nono for commercial drivers like Reginald Denny, regardless of local law – see Title 18 section 926a, Chapter 44, the so called “peaceable journey law”.

      • HTRN says:

        Sorry, meant Perspicuity, not “reginald”

      • Pat says:

        There is nothing in the US Code, DOT regs or other Federal reg that says a “Commercial Driver” operating a “Commercial Vehicle” cannot have a firearm in their personal possession – subject to the laws of the state in which they’re operating for storage and use (ie. securely locked, carry permit, etc…).

        The “peaceable journey” law is what ALLOWS this, not prohibits it. So long as the state they’re traveling into/from allow them to possess it — there’s nothing illegal about it.

        • Sean says:

          allowed or NOT. I suspect a lot of drivers will be making home runs soon to load up to keep from becoming another Reginald Denny, What with the incitement to riot talk going on in Florida, and burning of a young white boy by a group of black thugs, the beating and stripping naked[and the fuckwits posted it on YOUTUBE no less] of a man in baltimore and the shooting in Tulsa

  4. Weston Moss says:

    In OH, if you have a CCW, you can have a loaded gun in the car, and (as of Sept 2011) it doesn’t have to be in a holster on your person: making long guns viable. But not if kids are in the car.

  5. Weston Moss says:

    Also, I have been lusting over each and every one of these SU16 SBR setups you’ve been posting….

  6. staghounds says:

    “sometimes you have to…”

  7. Mattexian says:

    This is, I fear, a timely reminder, given the political hysteria surrounding recent events in Florida.

  8. Chris says:

    Well i’ve been a law abiding truck driver for 15yrs and i care not one wit what any state law says about weapons in the truck.
    I’ve traveled the east coast and mid west to the mississippi with no problems,and i’ve always been prepared.
    Shall not infringe says it all in my mind.
    Live life as a Free Person dammit.


  9. Bryan S. says:

    In PA< it would be illegal. unless it was an SBR. SBR, SBS, MG's… those are firearms, not rifles / shotguns.

    I know… its weird to even type that, but there is a difference in PA law for longguns and the others.

  10. Sean says:

    I always thought the 20 ton truck would have been far more effective as a defensive tool than a firearm. Just press the damn gas peddle.

  11. Gerry says:

    Taking SBR’s across state lines opens up another whole mess of issues.

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  13. Semper Fi, 0321 says:

    Stop being so ubercompliant and just do what you have to. Hide the damn thing and stop being afraid of every stupid little law there is, most of you are your own worst enemy. Make up your mind to get a gun, learn to use it without fear, and then carry the damn thing everywhere you go. If you can’t do that, you really don’t need one anyway.

  14. Jimmy the Saint says:

    Denny would be screwed if it happened again today – he’d still be in Los Angeles. No loaded guns in the passenger compartment, no unlocked guns in the passenger compartment. Best option here is simply DO NOT STOP.

    • Mark Matis says:

      Best option is to pick the largest group, gain as much speed as possible before reaching them, and remove them from the gene pool.

  15. revjen45 says:

    Honk the horn(fair warning), step on the gas, gear down and engage 4WD as req’d.

  16. Rhodes says:

    Also take a look at the KT Sub-2000.
    Variety of cals and mag configs and folds to fit in a small “briefcase”.
    Dependable as hell.
    Good rifle for a bug-out bag if one is so disposed.

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