You can’t feed your arms to a predator…

…and hope that it spares your body.

Even if the initial plan called only for taking your property, the encouragement given by abject compliance motivates thugs to take greater liberty with your health, life and dignity. And with the health, life and dignity of every future victim — unless you end them in the act.


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10 Responses to You can’t feed your arms to a predator…

  1. Drew says:


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  3. MAJMike says:

    Well said. Hard-hitting images.

    Never forget. Never surrender.

  4. Ronald Adcox says:


    Resist by any means necessary and available! NO MATTER WHAT!

  5. Emily Disraeli says:

    We must change our training, the mind set forced upon us, being armed is against the rules. We will never leave our homes unarmed. Big knife and a small gun at a minimum. Use your weapons to defend your self and loved ones. Use deadly force.

  6. David Landro says:

    It is paramount that we resist. Peacefully if possible, with force when necessary. The farce that we call an election will only bring us that much closer to the fascist regime we are now getting a taste for. Free speech and property rights must be defended at all costs and that is what the founders thought too when they wrote the 2A. Resist by any means possible!

  7. Dave Weaver says:

    Bang –> Bullseye!

  8. Storyteller says:

    These are simply stunning in their message. The simplest picture is worth hours of lecture. Thank you.

  9. Ray says:

    The question I ask the most is ; Will they resist? Or will they hush the children and walk quietly into the trench like they have every time before. Will they fight in time? Sadly I think I may live long enough to find out.

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