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TacCom .22 Carbon Fiber AR Upper: new on AllOutdoor

A Featherweight Over-Achiever.

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If you like folding stocks on AR15s, here’s another upper option

Since their web site is still in development, I’ll post the two sides of their SHOT show handout. These should start shipping by Spring. You can see their Facebook page for now.

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JARD .22 upper

The charging handle is attached to the bolt carrier, so the receiver back is completely enclosed. Uses BDM magazines. The return spring is in the bolt, so a folding stock (not shown) is possible on this and also on JARD … Continue reading

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Good practice set-up

.22 rimfire upper, 50rd drum, 1-4x scope and a stable firing position. Quiet, low-recoil, cheap to shoot.

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