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Green dress

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A good blade is always in style

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Gentleman Jack

One of my favorite recent portraits from Dragoncon. The young lady playing this character is also a talented costume designer.

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Flapper girl

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Tennessee Firearms Association apparel

You can now support TFA by buying shirts and hats with their logo and wearing them in public. While the shirts are unisex, they look pretty good on girls.

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M1911 tshirt

One of many neat designs from 1791 Apparel.

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Thigh holsters, how to wear them?

When I posted first photos of the lace thigh holster, I showed it worn on the outside of the leg. The vendor site showed it worn inside the thigh. Which is correct? The answer is both. If you are slim … Continue reading

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An early morning walk (nsfw)

Woke up before 6am this morning to re-set my waking hours to include more daylight. My friend showed up at six a.m. with some of the clothes she designed. We planned to shoot outdoor fashion, but got rain. I suggested … Continue reading

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My friend Cliff. Photos were taken for Henschel Hat Co. and for an upcoming Concealed Carry magazine article about M&P series handguns.

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You have probably seen my favorite green hat in quite a few photos. I got that hat in trade way back in 1999 when the guy buying my 9×18 Makarov was a few bucks short of cash and threw it … Continue reading

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A Pocketful of Wallop

Pocket carry is one of the most discreet ways of going armed. Doing it effectively requires two things: being able to carry the weapon comfortably and discreetly, and being able to present it quickly and effectively. The first condition is … Continue reading

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Cute vest

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Keeping warm?

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In her own costume

Fashion designer Leah D’Andrea Может она реальный прототип “белых колготок“?

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In a dress of her own design

Fashion designer Leah D’Andrea.

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She’s up to something

Thompson carbine, 20rd stick and 50rd drum magazines.

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Color-matched weapons

It seems to me that companies making pink guns for adults are missing the larger point. Sure, some women who buy guns are also into pink accessories. But many more are after color-matched weapons and that could mean black, tan, … Continue reading

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Navy Annie

Russian riverboat girls are tough 🙂 This one cleans up pretty well.

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Little gray dress

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