A Pocketful of Wallop

Pocket carry is one of the most discreet ways of going armed. Doing it effectively requires two things: being able to carry the weapon comfortably and discreetly, and being able to present it quickly and effectively.

The first condition is easy to satisfy with any number of tiny hideaway guns, such as the classic P32. The second condition is a bit harder. The size of the human hand wrapped around a grip is a great deal larger than the grip itself. The defender then has to flatten the hand to get it and the gun out of the pocket, then re-grip the gun for firing.There’s go to be a better way!

Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat turned me onto CCW Breakaways at the NRA Show. I approached them without high hopes but their design actually works. The pant pockets are reinforced to carry weight, lined to eliminate printing, are adjustable in size to accommodate anything from a peashooter to a full-size 45. A friend who works in more restrictive environment than I do actually wears a Rock Island 1911 in his pocket.

Unlike belt carry, pocket carry doesn’t require a cover garment. It also allows a firing grip without anyone knowing about it.

A full size Steyr M40 rides comfortably in such a pocket. For extra safety with guns lacking manual safeties, plastic inserts are available to make the area over the trigger guard impermeable to pressure.The key to getting the gun out easily is to apply pressure up and outward, popping the two rivets at the pocket mouth. The opening instantly doubles in size and allows a rapid draw. When closed, the rivets are not visible.

Pocket mag carriers are also available. The whole system strikes me as very well thought out. The speed of deployment improves very noticeably.

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4 Responses to A Pocketful of Wallop

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  2. RabidAlien says:

    Kewl…do they make something like this with cargo pockets too?

    • Human Being says:

      According to the website, yes.

      • RabidAlien says:

        Kewl….may have to look into these! I work in IT, and am on my hands and knees all the time grubbing around behind computers and under desks, crawling through overheads to run cables, stuff like that. I’ve considered an ankle holster, since dress code requires shirts to be tucked in, and those cargo pockets are just waaaaaaaay too handy a place to stash needed tools/cables/parts to give them up.

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