Thigh holsters, how to wear them?

When I posted first photos of the lace thigh holster, I showed it worn on the outside of the leg. The vendor site showed it worn inside the thigh. Which is correct?

The answer is both. If you are slim enough that your thighs do not touch as you walk, you can get away with wearing the holster inside. The pistol fits very snugly and the entire rig is very well concealed.

In normal use, this would be covered by a skirt or a dress. Depending on the size of the pistol and personal comfort, the holster can be worn as shown or higher for shorter reach and greater concealment. The down side to higher placement is having to hitch up the hemline higher to draw, and the proximity of the grip to the pelvis. You have to leave sufficient room for the grip and your hand around it.

The other concern is covering your own limbs with the muzzle while drawing. You trade the degree of concealment for slightly slower presentation.

The other option is wearing it on the outside like a drop leg holster. Easier to draw, less concern about covering parts of your own body, no issues with chafing, but far less concealment. Patterned dresses that camouflage any printing would be a good idea with outside carry using a lace thigh holster.

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6 Responses to Thigh holsters, how to wear them?

  1. Matthew Carberry says:

    faliaphotography (now an Alaskan) on her youtube channel has a good video demonstrating various carry options for younger women who don’t want to dress like men. One option shown, in an actual realistic dress on a realistically built person, is a thigh holster.

  2. Ginger says:

    I carry using a thigh holster (revolver on the outside of my leg, and I’m a petite, slender, though curvy woman). As someone who always wears skirts and dresses, never pants, it’s really my only option unless it’s winter and my coat pocket is large enough to carry and conceal Smitty, and my coat will not be coming off wherever I am headed.

    Being in the market for a new one, this particular holster interests me, and has been on my wishlist for a few months. Has anyone tried it out?

  3. hilljohnny says:

    if you wear a skirt with pockets and cut out one pocket you would have easy access with no exposure.

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  5. publius says:

    forgive me if this seems foolish, as I am not a female, but couldn’t you just carry in the appendix position while wearing a skirt?

  6. Will Brown says:

    I believe the better way to wear this style holster is on the inside of the same side leg as the hand you shoot from with the gun butt forward. This allows a more natural (dare I say “ergonomic”) gripping motion when drawing or re-holstering the weapon, and actually reduces the degree of muzzling you inflict on yourself. If your body type (or clothing style) mandates wearing the holster on the outer thigh, the more traditional gun butt to the posterior position, of course.

    I think this style holster would also greatly benefit from inclusion of a garter belt-type arrangement to keep it in place too. I’m always having to adjust my knee braces and ankle holster as I move around during the day. I can’t help believing this style holster wouldn’t have a similar “problem”, especially if the gun weighed more than a pound or so.

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