For the pint-sized defender…

…a half-gallon hat and a Coonan Cadet. Pity this reduced scale pistol is discontinued for now, but it may come back in the future. It uses shorter magazines than the standard model but still holds the save seven rounds. The barrel is a little shorter also.

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4 Responses to For the pint-sized defender…

  1. Curlywolf says:

    pintsized…*chuckle* I like tiny. Very good, fun and occasionally highly explosive fun things come in small packages. The Coonan is an example of all 3 and I have no doubt that Danica fits the other two quite well.

  2. Tony Lekas says:

    How tall is the model? She appears to have an unusually long torso compared to her inseam for a woman. I am trying to figure out if that is an illusion, maybe caused by the high top boots and how she is wearing her pants. I run into a fair number of women in the NRA Personal Protection Outside the home whose proportion is the reverse and I have to help them figure out how to carry without having to draw the pistol up to their armpit in order to clear the holster. Another argument for the shorter barrel for women. There are other good options. My wife’s favorite center fire pistol is an old Taurus PT-99 with Pachmayr grips on it. The only comfortable way for her to carry it strong side hip is open in a Safariland duty belt with a drop holster.

    I do like the photo. The outfit works well for her and she has a determined look.

  3. Firehand says:

    Saw Coonan pistols at the Tulsa show in November, and met the people. They did say they were thinking of bringing back the ‘Officer’s model’ size pistol. Now, for carry, that’d be interesting.

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