New production ammo in 7.62×25: new on CTD blog

Food for the Combloc surplus pistols.

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4 Responses to New production ammo in 7.62×25: new on CTD blog

  1. perspicuity says:

    neener neener neener can’t hear you 🙂 don’t need another gun…

    aiyeeeeeee. okay, fine, LGS has one/some. looked at it the other week.

    i am strong. i am strong. no no no 😀

  2. Gewehr98 says:

    Huh, what?

    NEW 7.62×25 ammo?

    I’ve been buying 7.62×25 S&B rounds for quite some time, and the Winchester offerings have been out there for a while, too. BTW, the S&B brass is reloadable (and I’m sure the Winchester is, too), which makes my CZ-52 very happy! Now if I could just get a new decocker that won’t fail the pencil test, I’d carry the gun for CCW…

  3. me says:

    Hmm. It’s not, based on published specs, a bad cartridge, just one historically unpopular in the West.

    If it becomes popular enough, there will be a market for defensive ammo using top-tier modern hollowpoint bullets. The bottlenecked case designs generally exhibit good feed reliability in handgun platforms. Is anyone else pondering something along the lines of a Winchester Ranger T-Series (nee “Black Talon”) bullet at 1500+ feet per second?

    Perhaps delivered from a double-column 1911 platform? Or, for the faddists out there, perhaps you’re imagining a double-column mag holding 18 or 20 rounds of modern 7.62x25mm hollowpoints mated to your preferred polymer pistol?

    I think you could do a lot worse.

  4. Mozart says:

    That gun speaks Maserati to me, like the .45 acp speaks muscle car.


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