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Inland M1 carbines: new on Alloutdoor

Reproductions of WW2 models and variations on the theme.

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Selecting a black powder revolver

I got the black powder bug last year. Wanted top play around with cap and ball, but the loaners available to me were not quite what I wanted. For one, I didn’t want to ruin someone else’s gun by accident if … Continue reading

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Somebody’s time is running out…

1858 Army, target version. This is my first foray into black powder, so I tried to pick something with practical value.

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Fallschirmjägergewehr 42

FG42 from SMG Guns at the range. 308 rifle that shoots like a .223 AR, thanks to the integral spring-loaded recoil reducer in the stock.  

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Peace, love and tight groups.

Saw Gibbs 1903-A4 sniper repro at the NRA show, watched the informative video review and decided I wanted to play with it. The rifle that showed up looks great, has very nice wood and comes with a really neat scope. … Continue reading

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