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More precise sight for M1 carbine

Detailed range review is coming soon.

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Inland M1 carbines: new on Alloutdoor

Reproductions of WW2 models and variations on the theme.

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Improving M1 carbine sights: New on AllOutdoor

Red dots to the rescue

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L’il Ugly again

I showed this carbine before, but this time it’s in a more realistic setting — with the user behind stout cover. While no match for 30-06AP, the tree would at least stop buzzgun emissions and buckshot. With the red dot, … Continue reading

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Banning safety features

The scary-looking carbine above is a semi-auto 9mm, one of the weakest centerfire rounds ever used in a long gun. But the “shoulder thingy that goes up” makes it scary. The ignorant Carolyn McCarthy wants it banned. Feinstein’s new gun … Continue reading

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Which Constitutional right would you like to lose next?

PS: The shirt is real.

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A models who is also a designer.

April just put up a new poster made from one of my photos of her. I like it.

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A party snapshot: M1 carbines

Yesterday, I had a nice party at my home. Half of the fourteen guests were teenagers ranging from 12 to 19. Three of them, aged 12 to 14 and all left-winged just by coincidence, picked out toys for the next … Continue reading

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“Paratrooper” M1 carbine

Got my hands on an Auto Ordnance M1 carbines in folding and standard configurations. I prefer the two-aperture flip sight because it doesn’t jump settings on recoil like the M2 ladder sight. I also like the wood better than the … Continue reading

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If the shoe fits, you dance better — another article up on CTD blog

Short, light rifles for use by women and kids.

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