A party snapshot: M1 carbines

Yesterday, I had a nice party at my home. Half of the fourteen guests were teenagers ranging from 12 to 19. Three of them, aged 12 to 14 and all left-winged just by coincidence, picked out toys for the next meet-up. In evidence, an M1A1 carbine, an M1 carbine (both with the preferred early two-position flip sights) and a very handy, lightweight M1-22 trainer carbine. Can’t wait for the range trip!

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8 Responses to A party snapshot: M1 carbines

  1. Steelheart says:

    Before I read your comments my first thought was that this sleepover would be a scumbags worst nightmare!


  2. For some reason MY 11 year old daughter prefers an AR-15 Carbine to an M1 Carbine.
    (no accounting for taste).

    I much prefer the later style elevation adjustable sight to the older flip sight, especially if shooting past 200 yards.

  3. docjim505 says:

    Ditto Steelheart.

  4. LarryArnold says:

    Party favors I favor.

    My father split a 20-round magzine between two Japanese soldiers before he stopped them, and went and got himself a BAR. Things were a bit more strenuous back then.

  5. LarryArnold says:

    I just showed it to my photojournalist wife. Her comment was, “He got teenagers at a party to stand still? Wow.”

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  7. Paul says:

    And pray tell me… where are the bayonets???

    While I have AR and AK I prefer the M1 Carbine for most work.

    No, I’m not a ‘sissy’ but it’s just the low blast, low flash, little recoil, and .357 magnum power makes it ideal for most work inside 100 yards.

    And girls.. aim small, miss small.

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