If the shoe fits, you dance better — another article up on CTD blog

Short, light rifles for use by women and kids.

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4 Responses to If the shoe fits, you dance better — another article up on CTD blog

  1. Javaduke says:

    Oleg, speaking of weapons for kids, can you recommend any small and lightweight 22lr pistol for my 9-yr old? My Mark III target competition is way too heavy for him and grip is too big, he’s got very small hands. I was thinking of something like beretta noes, but it is not listed in our commiefornia roster.

  2. Oleg Volk says:

    I use a P22, I think CA-legal variants exist. PF9 with Twisted Industries conversion kit also works well.

  3. Tony Lekas says:

    My wife is an Appleseed shoot boss and we have 5 rifles that we have available as loaners. We settled on the Marlin 795. I have a gunsmith who will do a nice job of cutting down the stock to any length for $20. He takes off the butt plate, cuts the synthetic stock, epoxies pieces of wood inside the remaining stock to provide a place to anchor the butt plate and sling mount, reshapes the butt plate, and glues it all together.

    The rifles are cheap, reasonably reliable, and have worked out well for that application. We put tech sites on some, Williams Fire Sites on one, and Scopes on the others.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I agree on the 795, they are nice rifles except for the magazine disconnectors and rough triggers. The light weight and nice balance definitely help the new shooters.

      That is also why so many shoot better with easily balanced bullpups.

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