So, you’d like to date my daughter…

This young lady can fend for herself just fine, but you have to admit that the first impression made by the dad also counts.

I also recommend a sensible comment by my friend Dave.

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16 Responses to So, you’d like to date my daughter…

  1. Father wasa a jocker;)
    Good maiden;)

  2. CamTec says:

    Al (Dave) and his daughter would be appropriate for this picture.

  3. Also I recommend a Sensible comment by My friend Dave.

    Well said, indeed.

  4. Joe S. says:

    I suspect the young lady in question to be well grounded and self confident, so she’ll make informed choice’s in who she chooses to date.

  5. Iam says:

    Oleg you really nailed it with this portrait. The character contrast in the expressions, height, and leans wordlessly relay the message crystal clear: this is a lovely, beautiful spirit, and I’ll be damned if I’m about to allow any harm to come to her way. What underlying presence you capture! And there’s JUST enough personality (barefeet, straw hat!) to keep it very human, inviting, and alive. *GREAT* job.

  6. Totenglocke says:

    The comment in the link is exactly what I’ve said for years. It’s both immature and self destructive to have the “my daughter is my property” mentality because A) she’s a human being and gets to make her own choices and B) it’ll just cause her to resent you and act out.

    Thankfully I never came across a father like that while I was younger and dating, but if I had, I’d have bluntly told him to go to hell.

    Great picture and the girl is always beautiful (I know I’ve seen her in at least one other picture before).

  7. MAJ Mike says:

    Meh! Shoot the first boyfriend and the word will soon spread.

    • herddog505 says:

      MAJ MikeShoot the first boyfriend and the word will soon spread.

      A bit harsh, but I like the way you think!

    • LarryArnold says:

      I took a somewhat different approach. After several dates I’d invite the boy in question to go shooting. I made it clear that I was quite prepared to use force or deadly force in any situation where my wife or children needed my assistance, and if he was serious about my daughter that I expected him to make the same committment.

      Nothing grows younguns straighter than handing them responsibility.

  8. Cargosquid says:

    Head on a stake in the front yard…then the word will spread.

    Only father that I was worried about was a district attorney of a city. Cops would drive next to me on the road…look in the window, wave, and drive away. If I had done something wrong….I’d never be found. Too much swamp around there.

    My wife makes fun of my “threats” about boys….I asked her, “What would you do if a boy hurt darling daughter?” Her reply, “I’d skin him with a dull spoon.”

    So, you see, I’m only trying to weed out the stupid ones for their own health.

    And Dave had a GREAT comment.

    • MAJ Mike says:

      I’ve a son who is now 23. However, I was prepared to be a loving and overly protective father of a daughter. The plan was to meet each new boyfriend while I was cleaning the HK91 or the Mossberg 500 riot gun. I would also have the Gerber Mk II stuck in the wooden table table for good theater.

      I did raise my son to respect women and, thus far, he has not failed in that respect. Besides, my wife has been very effective at instilling guilt in him (and me).

      • Sean says:

        My brother and I did that when the first boy came over to pick up his daughter for a date. And he invited some of his friends. Very large Detroit cops(brother is DPD as well). All of us had sidearms on, and on the table were half a dozen shotguns, a few ARs, my Garand, and Mini 14, and others.

        That boy had her home right on time. Didn’t even wait for a kiss on the front porch.

  9. Old NFO says:

    Good one, and I DID meet the first boyfriend while cleaning a Mossy riot gun…LOL

  10. Ross says:

    Were I 30+ years younger, I certainly would like to date her!! She comes from a family who obviously respects classic machinery and maintains it well – father has a Colt, and she’s wearing what appears to be a genuine mechanical ladies’ movement pocket watch, WITH a period correct chain (albeit it as a necklace, showing a quirky bit of her own style in the process).

    Yes, if I were young enough for her, I certainly would. Hope she finds a young man who will appreciate her!

  11. Tomare Utsu Zo says:

    So, about this lovely, Miss …

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