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“Because it’s fun!”

While many learn to shoot for practical reasons, most get into it for fun. But the entry barrier can be high, not just in regulatory and technical aspects, but in the lack of knowledge or confidence to try a potentially … Continue reading

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Writer David Burkhead

I’ve only read “Hordes of Chanakra” so far and it was a 4/5 book, definitely good enough to try his other titles.

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This is why gun ownership remains a political controversy

All other concerns — hunting, sport, even self-defense — are secondary considerations to people who do not wish to be ruled…and to the fiends whose self-worth depends on ruling others.

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A walk in the woods does a soul good

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“I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request”

45-70 puts the final┬áperiod in that sentence. (Henry lever action again)  

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Not your average hipster!

  A serious gentleman with a classic Henry 45-70.

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.45 caliber rifles

  45LC | 45-70Govt

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For the children? Think further out!

Henry .357 carbine. Revolver ammunition does well in longer barrels.

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Another Look at the Henry AR7: new on AllOutdoor

Is the survival rifle design suitable for the stated role?

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Speaking of Henry lever actions

I need to get the 44Mag out to the range and figure out the drop past 100 yards. 240gr bullet has muzzle velocity of 1745fps. At this time, the Big Boy is zeroed for 50 yards. If zeroed for 100, … Continue reading

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Henry .44Mag lever action: fit for a sniper.

Remember my plan to find out how well that carbine shoots? It shoots this well at 50 yards with 1-4x Nikon Monarch scope. Ballistics calculator suggests that the far zero is around 70 yards, so it might make sense to … Continue reading

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Be weddy, weddy quieeeet…

…she’s hunting wabbits. I don’t think much edible rabbit would be left though — that’s 44Mag Henry would be better suited for heffalumps. In any case, this is the last time this rifle is seen with open sights — my … Continue reading

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Reloading ammunition: a good hobby when it’s 106 degrees outside

Definition of a conundrum: having a great rifle and sufficient ammunition (courtesy of Federal and Hornady) but not being willing to roast or boil at an outdoor range. Indoor ranges are an option, but the extra noise isn’t to my … Continue reading

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A young lady becomes a rifleman

Combine a child-sized bolt action rifle, a box of low-power quiet .22 ammunition, eye and ear protection, high-visibility targets, three patient instructors and a precocious girl aged four and a half. She drilled with her mother earlier in the week … Continue reading

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Afraid of gun accidents? Train your kids!

Project Appleseed | Say Uncle (his daughter in the poster) | Henry Mini Bolt

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Hey there, big boy!

Henry Big Boy in Erin’s hands.

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In this case, you’d use the rifle to hold out till you can draw the pistol.

With the rifle being a fun .22 Henry and the pistol being a serious .45ACP. I wonder if a 45ACP lever action is possible — it would fit almost twenty rounds and have minimal report and muzzle flash even un-suppressed.

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Classic ambidextrous design: Henry .22 lever action

SGB | Lever action .22

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