Not your average hipster!


A serious gentleman with a classic Henry 45-70.

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2 Responses to Not your average hipster!

  1. Ray says:

    Anyone shooting that short whack hammer isn’t your average human! My brother has a Marlin guide gun in .444 and one in .45-70. I find the recoil from both to be more unpleasant than a Barrett .50 BMG. While not an “Army and Navy nitro double rifle” the felt recoil from the short & light “leaver guns” is impressive and I have always been awed by people who tolerate it well.

  2. Derek Babcock says:

    Nice… I’m a big fan of the .458 socom 🙂
    Look into it! Similar ballistics to the 45-70 out of anar-15 platform, with a 350 grain bullet… Recoil isn’t terrible…. 10 rounds in an un-modified, standard ar-15/m-16 mag… Just an upper swap… And designed for suppressor use 😀

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