.45 caliber rifles

Big Boy in .45 Colt — excellent for getting used to larger bore long guns.

45-70Govt caliber works better on serious game, even if you only get five rounds before reloading.

It’s good to have a partner who can back your play.


Two bores are better than one for animals that don’t stop readily

In the long run, there’s no telling who will sport the bigger caliber.

45LC | 45-70Govt

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11 Responses to .45 caliber rifles

  1. Erin Palette says:

    Oh my. I’ve wanted one of those in .357 for a long time.

  2. Andy says:

    The only (Okay, not really) problems with .45-70 are ammo expense, noise (I’ve a Marlin 1895G: It’s ported, and therefore loud enough I want to double up on my hearing protection. The next lane on the range is generally vacated before I have to reload, sometimes they pay attention to my warning and move immediately.) and recoil. (I’m not super sensitive to it, but the stout loads I have border on 12ga slug in recoil.) Oh and capacity: 4+1 rounds of .45-70 in the 1895G vs my shotgun’s 8+1? Hands down, the shotgun wins there.)

    They look nice, but inside of 300m, I’ll still go with the 12ga over a .45-70.

  3. JHat says:

    Are these all shot on location with fill flash?

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  5. Pinky says:

    Who is the maker of the cartridge belt seen in the photos? Great shots by the way!

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