A young lady becomes a rifleman

Combine a child-sized bolt action rifle, a box of low-power quiet .22 ammunition, eye and ear protection, high-visibility targets, three patient instructors and a precocious girl aged four and a half.

She drilled with her mother earlier in the week using an unloaded BB gun to get used to aiming, safety practices and stances. The results look pretty good, even allowing for the short range at which the exercise was conducted. The little girl was all smiles, declaring repeatedly that this was fun and she wanted to shoot more.

However, half an hour session was all that her attention span would support and she promptly went to rest from the labors of the day. I suspect she will be back at the range shortly.

(Photo by Don Perry)

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20 Responses to A young lady becomes a rifleman

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  2. Dave Crews says:

    Daw..! This fills me with smiles for how adorable she is and with hope for future generations. 🙂

  3. Richard Brown says:

    ZOMG! Child endangerment!

  4. Jason says:

    I bought my 8yo daughter a Crickett rifle recently and after similar pre-range instruction she was plinking sporting clays at 25 yards with in 15 min. “Pride” barely conveys my feelings when the first one was shattered.

  5. Sid says:

    I did not realize how important bench resting a rifle would be until I took my 6-year-old son to the range with his Crickett. Made a world of difference.

    Also, the low noise ammo is our family favorite. We still use hearing protection. But the reduced noise makes the plinking sessions much more enjoyable.

  6. LarryArnold says:

    Nothing like a big grin to remind me why I love teaching shooting even more than shooting.

  7. Jalissa says:

    Sweet! We’ll be there ourselves soon enough!

  8. Bill N. says:

    It was good to see she was wearing safety glasses but why wasn’t the coach setting a good example by wearing some also?

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  10. jim Steel says:

    Sir: Always good to have a good heavy boat anchor present to dampen an otherwise joyous event. Possibly, just possibly, the family are libertarians, who can discern real life solutions vs one size fits all mandates………come on, low velocity ammo in a well built little plinking bolt action, much less being on the off side? Naw, lets just have drone kids. Might as well have her don shooting gloves, helmet, flak jacket or better a IIIA, and maybe round it out with a badge for that ultimate protection…………sheeesh.
    Bless this family and their shared joy!!!!!!
    Jim Steel

  11. revjen45 says:

    Notice that her group would be in the black with 2 flyers on the smaller targets in the corners. You go Girl!!

  12. Sid Tippett says:


  13. wry762 says:

    How far away was the target? I’m asking because my son has the same rifle (that Mini-bolt is great), but his groups are not quite as nice. He’s 7, so I guess I need to step up my game as an instructor and figure out what’s up. He seems to be aiming consistently to the left of the bullseye… I’m not sure he’s using the sights properly.



    • Oleg Volk says:

      She was very close, perhaps six feet away. I can get a 2.5″ group with that rifle at 25 yards at best. I selected it over the scopes Cricketts because the Henry three dot sights are easier to teach.

  14. Joe Armstrong says:

    this is way Tooooooooo COOL, keep it up

  15. drjim says:

    Wonderful job!
    God bless people who teach our children these things.

  16. Mary Kay says:

    Precious! You did everything right. Especially the Having Fun part!!!

    Mary Kay at http://PersonalSecurityZone.com

  17. Rick Koehler says:

    Wonderful! There are few things in life that I have found to be more rewarding than teaching a child to shoot. Well done all around!

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