Afraid of gun accidents? Train your kids!

Project Appleseed | Say Uncle (his daughter in the poster) | Henry Mini Bolt

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7 Responses to Afraid of gun accidents? Train your kids!

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  2. Siergen says:

    What’s that printed on her hat? My search-fu is weak, and I don’t know how to Google non-English character sets… 🙁

  3. Eric says:


    In English characters: [url=]Molon labe[/url]

  4. Eric says:

    Well rats, I forgot which commenting system I was in.

    Molon labe. Come and take them. If that doesn’t ring a bell, see the Wikipedia entry above.

  5. John says:

    I need a hat like that,it would be the start of something big,
    with comments! love it My dad had me shooting at age of 5 by 9 i had my first 9 dollar 22 from sears, at 10 i got a Remington shot gun pump, by 10 1/2 for my big surprise, dad bought me a 22 pistol High Standard duramatic 101 cost 31 dollars in 1961 , no mishaps Just gave my guns to my boy and grand-kids hope they know why they are in 99% condition ,,, Great Dad Great Training is the key! RIP DAD

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