What to get for someone who has everything?

Buying presents for many of my friends is hard. They can afford anything I can get them, and their kids are usually well taken care of as well. But I find that truly custom gifts — photographs, knives, other works of art — work very well. This was made by my friend Nikolay for another friend’s seven year old daughter.

She will have plenty of use for it — whittling wood, opening plastic packages, cleaning fruit, hopefully not self-defense — and it will last her a lifetime. The steel came from a railway car coil spring.

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4 Responses to What to get for someone who has everything?

  1. Neva Li says:

    Very nice!

    And you are a wonderful friend whose gifts have very much enriched my family’s lives, Oleg. You are kind, thoughtful and terrific fun. It’s a privilege.

  2. Dandapani says:


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