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Work, work, work…

…with neat people and cool guns. Last two day’s worth of sample images. Kangaroo Carry, Charter Arms, Keltec. And… Ashbury Precision Ordnance, Nightforce Optics, Blackhawk/Champion.  

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Fence rider (nsfw)

A good, soft saddle is essential for a comfortable ride.

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Old photos, new edits (now with pictures showing)

A year and a half ago, I took photos which then sat unused because I wasn’t sure how to edit them. Finally had an idea, so here they are. (Server migration didn’t go smoothly, but it’s all good now.) Don’t … Continue reading

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Make your one shot count!

Model 1836 US Army pistol. Originally a .54 caliber flintlock pistol, it was converted to percussion ignition around the Civil War.

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Another girly gun

I guess I am just a fan of guns marketed towards women. This STI Elektra came with rather gaudy pink pearlite grips…which lasted until Kevin Manley of KD Holsters made thin, classy burlwood replacements. The rest of that pistol was … Continue reading

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Small form, big power: PLR16

PLR16 is a .223 pistol designed for short and medium range hunting and self-defense. For reactive shooting, it’s typically stabilized by pushing out against the sling. For longer range, use a bipod or some improvised support. 9.2″ barrel provides muzzle … Continue reading

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A mix-master AR15

When a rifle isn’t handy, a tshirt referencing it keeps a body warm. Much to the disappointment of some readers of this blog. For those who have a leather fetish, both the holster and the belt are by Galco. Judging … Continue reading

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