Another girly gun

I guess I am just a fan of guns marketed towards women. This STI Elektra came with rather gaudy pink pearlite grips…which lasted until Kevin Manley of KD Holsters made thin, classy burlwood replacements.

The rest of that pistol was perfect. Tirzah is 5’2″ and has tiny hands — Eletra fits her just fine. And we can actually afford to plink with 9mm. The frame is all steel, so the recoil is very moderate. Accuracy has been excellent.

Carrying it was pretty comfortable as well. For a short person, the length of the trip is a consideration — too long of a grip would have poked her in the ribs.

The holster was also made by Kevin. It can be used inside waistband or on the belt — in this case, the thin belt required IWB use.

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8 Responses to Another girly gun

  1. Slav1k says:

    Cо взведенным курком – и за пояс?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Sure. The pistol has two safeties AND the trigger is covered by the holster.

      • Weston says:

        I can’t read the above comment, but based on your response I’m assuming he said “Is it safe to have it cocked and locked?”

        That’s a common question for 1911’s. But really, the only reason people worry about this is that they can SEE the hammer back. On any semi-automatic pistol or rifle, with it cocked and a round in the chamber, most would agree that it is safe with the manual safety on. But those same people sometimes have a problem with a cocked-and-locked pistol with an external hammer. Just because you can see the hammer doesn’t make it less safe!

  2. JBranch says:

    Very nice. Much better with the burlwood. The pink pearlite made it look cheap (which I am sure it is not). I really like the design of the cross-hatched slide grip.

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  4. adam says:

    I also like the cross-hatch slide grips – and I love the touches of pink in the STi and Elektra logos. Not a fan of the burlwood (just not my style) – I would have loved to see some black micarta grips with some pink highlights buried within.

  5. DirtCrashr says:

    A beautiful girl needs a beautiful gun.

  6. Red says:

    I’d like to play with this gun next time I’m up if possible.

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