Governor Haslam is after our money

Hopefully, this creature can be un-elected as soon as possible.

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3 Responses to Governor Haslam is after our money

  1. pastubbs says:

    /me sighs
    it use to be fun to live in TN but now, altho its still better then commifornia I didn’t have to bribe a sheriff for my CCW permit.

  2. Weston says:

    A number of states have started “requiring” that when you file state income taxes, you report all your internet sales. I put requiring in quotation marks because a) there is no way to audit or demand payment of these taxes. And the only way a state could effectively do it would be for all states in the country to pass a uniform law to require the collection of sales tax on every internet sale. It will happen eventually, for the same reasons some are now advocating a driving tax: the traditional taxation models start to break down when the method of sale changes.

  3. TNinfidel says:

    Tax Tax Tax

    I really look forward to the almost 10% European VAT like sales tax for Amazon purchases. Looks like I’ll be going somewhere else to shop in 2 years…

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