Small form, big power: PLR16

PLR16 is a .223 pistol designed for short and medium range hunting and self-defense. For reactive shooting, it’s typically stabilized by pushing out against the sling. For longer range, use a bipod or some improvised support. 9.2″ barrel provides muzzle velocity of 2600fps, so controlled expansion ammunition would be ideal for defense.

As shown: Midwest Industries forend, Magpul AFG, Battlecomp brake to reduce muzzle climb, Primary Arms micro green reflex sight, Viridian X5L light/laser. Eventually, I’d like to get a tax stamp and add a short folding stock. Then it would be relatively quiet and still balance well.

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21 Responses to Small form, big power: PLR16

  1. Looks like it could really benefit from a .300 Blackout or 6×35 barrel, much more energy than a .223 out of a short barrel.

    • TNinfidel says:

      Yes, this weapon with a .300 AAC Blackout barrel would be perfect! Wonder if Keltec will be offering them?

  2. Eric Oppen says:

    That could almost be Ellie from the “Tomorrow, When the War Began” series, except that she wouldn’t have goggles, and wouldn’t be likely to show herself so openly by daylight.

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  4. Dave says:

    Pretty sure you need a tax stamp for the vertical fore grip on the PLR16. It makes it an AOW per the ATF.

  5. yj says:

    I would be a little nervous with the front grip and no stamp.

  6. Oleg Volk says:

    See the last page in this ATF ruling: they say that adding an AFG to a pistol doesn’t require a tax stamp.

  7. CJW says:

    Any chance that forend would also work on an SU-16C…?

  8. Rabbit says:

    I keep thinking I need a PLR16 for a truck gun. Thanks for making it the subject of this set.

  9. Lanius says:

    What about the muzzle blast? I assume .223 is usually loaded so it burns up in 15-20 ” barrels.

    I don’t get it. In the same time it’d take to use that sling for stabilization, one could easily extend a collapsible stock. Why just a sling? Isn’t a stock better?

    One has to admit this seems a slightly better idea than the Mosin obrez, though.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Adding a stock would requite a $200 NFA tax stamp and waiting for a background check…and short barreled rifles are banned in some states entirely.

    • james says:

      The muzzle blast is pretty stout(like getting slapped on the ear) there are a few muzzle brakes that tame it a bit.

  10. Boris says:

    and with that, my p22 will no longer be a aow.

  11. abraham vargas says:

    I love this pistol it is perfect for a trunk gun when rifles are not allowed and you have a concelled pistol license. just in case it goes down in the most dangerous city in the U.S.

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