New quad rail for Keltec Sub2000

The original quad rail for Sub2000 had a bit of flex in it. While sights installed on it seemed to keep zero, it didn’t inspire confidence. Keltec updated the rail and the new version is rock-solid. I tried a 45* offset rail to locate the optic on the left, to allow folding with the sight installed, but that amount of offset didn’t make for a good sight picture. With EOTech XPS3, the red dot in a circle can float just above the front sight and still provide accurate zero. I am considering removing the top half of the front sight hood to provide a better sight picture. While the sight keeps the carbine from being folded completely, it can be folded 2/3 of the way. It still fits in a briefcase or a messenger bag and unfolds with one hand as the latch is no longer engaged. This carbine uses magazines compatible with Keltec P11 and some S&W pistols. Other models are compatible with Beretta, Sig or Glock. I have a couple of 33rd magazines on order for the other Sub2000 to supplement the Glock 17-rounders. The rains in muzzle velocity are modest (100-200fps) but the gains in precision, the reduction of muzzle flash and report make carbines more desirable than pistols in longer-range events such as riots.

The main advantage of the EOTech in this application is the wide field of view. A cross eye dominant shooter (such as the woman shown) can put her weak eye behind the sight, look at the target with her dominant eye and still have the correct sight picture. Iron sights, visible in the lower third of the holographic window, are available as backup. The laser provides an alternate aiming method, especially useful when firing on the move. The light can be set to strobe: it works fine for the shooter due to persistence of vision but blinds the opposition whose eyes can’t get used to the sudden changes in the light level.

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10 Responses to New quad rail for Keltec Sub2000

  1. Odysseus says:

    The gains in muzzle velocity are modest (100-200fps)

    Given how much that changes the energy, I’ll take it.

    • Aharon says:

      As I understand it, the 16″ barrel provides the 9mm with a muzzle velocity approaching or at the .357 velocity.

  2. "lee n. field" says:

    “I tried a 45* offset rail”

    What would that be, BTW? I’m contemplating trying to find something that would let me mount a small laser, side-saddle off an Ultimak AK rail.

  3. Oleg Volk says:

    Daniel Defense makes one. It’s a small rail angled 45*.

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  5. "lee n. field" says:

    Danke. Now that I know what it’s called, I’m seeing a bunch of different ones at Midway.

  6. Phil Wong says:

    Actually, I’d go at the sighting issue from the other way round:

    – Mount the red-dot optic @ 12:00 as the primary sight;
    – Remove the factory rear aperture and the fluorescent-plastic front sight blade, and either raise the optic with an extra riser block or trim the front sight hood as needed to un-clutter the view through the red-dot(or leave the front-sight hood as a close-range “donut of death”);
    – Mount a set of backup iron sights on a 45-degree offset rail, like 3-gun competitors do(e.g.;

    I think this set-up would give you quicker acquisition of the red-dot, a cleaner view through the optic, the ability to shoot the carbine “heads-up” without crushing your cheek down on the buttstock tube to peer through the crappy plastic factory sights, and a more durable set of BUIS with a cleaner sight picture and more precise zeroing adjustments.

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