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Is she a model, or real?

At the time this photo was taken, the model has never fired a gun. The image is ok, but not amazing. As we worked with long guns, cross eye dominance was discovered. A good quality red dot sight, like the … Continue reading

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Upgraded 22/45 Lite

Lucid M7 red dot, several Tandemkross parts. Marksman: Yih Chau-Cheng.

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Maddie gets her guns

Maddie is Cheyenne’s younger sister. At 11, she’s already a competitive shooter.

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Have you shared your knowledge lately?

Modern armies have 30 or so support staff for every fighter at the tip of the spear. The ratio of support to active fighters in the war to secure individual liberty is even more skewed. For every Alan Gura, thousands … Continue reading

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You can always tell an AR15 shooter…

…by how high they place the heel of the stock. .223 Ruger M77 left-hand with 3-9x Trijicon Accupoint. I had a chance to shoot this combination yesterday at 150 yards with only a small branch for support: it worked great. … Continue reading

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Sharp-eyed little girl with a long reach.

Left-hand Ruger 77 in 223Rem under a 3-9x Accupoint. Hannah, age 12, was doing 150 yard head shots on a silhouette target with basic 55gr ball ammunition. When the zombies come, I am hiding behind her.

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.22 conversion kit for Ruger LC9

Twisted Industries now makes an LC9 conversion kit. Same milled magazines as the PF9 and P11 kits.

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Ruger LC9 *in Nashville*

If you own an LC9 and live near me, please let me know.

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Today’s range trip.

Grace wanted more trigger time with her laser-equipped LCR. Ended up trying that, S&W 317 and 63 rimfire revolvers, a quiet Walther P22, Kel-tec PF9-22, Star S (.32ACP quasi-1911), HK P7, Kahr P9 and the SU22 shown here. Star S … Continue reading

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Varmint control device

Ruger 22/45 mk3 with Gemtech Alpine suppressor, Primary Arms green dot sight and Viridian C5L light/laser. This belongs to a friend. Entirely coincidentally, squirrels and other rodents around his house have a very high rate of sudden heart attacks.

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Lightweight Game Getter

A friend brought his 22/45 over, so I took photos of it. Paclite | 22SGB The point of this conversion is to save weight for backpacking and to provide threads for a sound suppressor.

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Every Day Carry kit

LC9 is an interesting gun. Mild recoil, good accuracy, comfortable shape. “7-round” magazine only fits 6, I wonder if it was assembled correctly. Manual safety seems unnecessary. Tuckable Galco holster is quite nice. I already remarked on the knife. Flashlight … Continue reading

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