Is she a model, or real?

At the time this photo was taken, the model has never fired a gun. The image is ok, but not amazing. As we worked with long guns, cross eye dominance was discovered.

A good quality red dot sight, like the Vortex Stikefire, solved that problem. A low-end one, such as what she actually used when learning later that day, doesn’t. She still managed to do quite well.

Harry Perette of Twisted Industries kindly provided a private range with a scary zombie, ammunition and rimfire guns, a Keltec SU22 and a .22 conversion of Ruger LC9. LC9 is a defensive, not target pistol, so Angel’s competent progress with its double action trigger was a good sign. Her ability to shoot the SU22 from standing, kneeling, squatting, sitting and prone was quite impressive. Consistent one inch groups at 15 yards are pretty good for the first time.

A range trip should be A)SAFE and B)FUN. That event proved both. And Angel topped that accomplishment today. She went to Project Appleseed workshop! Thanks to the capable and generous support of Appleseed volunteers, she was equipped, trained and had a great time.


So my models are real. Even if they don’t know weapons upon arrival, they know some after the first photo shoot. It helps with the realism. It also makes a very direct statement of peaceable intentions: “Here, have a skill that puts you on par with me in terms of power.”

Who, except a brain-eating zombie, would object to that?

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7 Responses to Is she a model, or real?

  1. Makis says:


  2. Lyle says:

    Nice write-up there, and yes; she’s right pretty.

    “Here, have a skill that puts you on part with me in terms of power.”

    That’d be “par” I think. Not “part”.

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  4. Dennis says:

    Angel is a charming young woman. A quick learner and athletic, she picked up the skills of field shooting remarkably quickly. We hope to see her back at Project Appleseed again soon!

  5. Jim R says:

    I often while away the hours watching gun videos on YouTube, including ones the show women shooting. No, not THOSE kind!


    Seriously, I am always impressed when I see a member of the fair sex who can run a shotgun, AR-15, Winchester, Glock, &c. with skill. The shooting sports are definitely “gender neutral”, and one would think that feminists would be very supporting of women learning to use firearms not only to show that they are just as good as we men are at something (very true in this case) but also as a defense against (rolls eyes) rape culture. But, as we know, they aren’t.

  6. LarryArnold says:

    Well done. Properly introducing young people to firearms is how we will secure our gun-rights.

  7. Corvette says:


    As always, you work with some of the most intreging models, another winner here.

    And, thanks for the shout out for Appleseed. We always welcome the extra pub. See you sometime on the line.


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