Every Day Carry kit

LC9 is an interesting gun. Mild recoil, good accuracy, comfortable shape. “7-round” magazine only fits 6, I wonder if it was assembled correctly. Manual safety seems unnecessary.

Tuckable Galco holster is quite nice. I already remarked on the knife. Flashlight is basic, small and bright.

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  1. Nikolay says:

    Разбери магазин, проверь. Стрёмно так стрелять, может, кусочек металла проскочил и блокирует пружину.

  2. That’s weird. Their site states specifically “7+1.” I’d sure check into it.

  3. I concur on the Lc9 ease of shooting comment, owning a PF9 and now the Lc9 I’ll say both have their merits. I’d love to see Kel Tec tweak the trigger guard a bit on the PF9 after shooting my Lc9.
    I’ll check out the Galco holster you’ve shown here but I’m inclined to think a sweat guard would make it more user friendly. Insofar as the knife goes I like it and intend to visit a blacksmith friend, use his forge and make one like it.

  4. rick wagner says:

    regarding the multiple safeties on the Ruger Lc9 and other guns, just remember California. That state has more gun owners than the entire populations of some states.

  5. Sean says:

    Hmmm…the Kel Tec PF9 mags hold 7. And work just fine in the Ruger. Except the Ruger’s trigger pull is about 3 lbs heavier!

  6. nexy jo says:

    i had the opportunity to handle an LC9 not too long ago at my local gun shop. while i didn’t have the chance to fire it, i very much liked the fit in my hand, and the apparently quality of the build. if i didn’t already have compact 9mm carry pistols, i would have certainly purchased one. now, it’s at the end of a long list of “would really like to have at some point”.

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  8. Rivrdog says:

    Every-day carry here:

    Charter Arms Bulldog 2 1/2″, .44 Special
    Almar Eagle ultralight Talon
    Mini-Maglite w/ Cree 1-watt conversion + tailcap switch.

    Yeah, I could get a more modern light, but the Cree in the mini-mag makes it acceptable, and I’ve carried Mini-mags for about 30 years now.


  9. BJ says:

    Disassemble the mag and reassemble. Mine was doing the same thing.

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