Lightweight Game Getter

A friend brought his 22/45 over, so I took photos of it.

Paclite | 22SGB

The point of this conversion is to save weight for backpacking and to provide threads for a sound suppressor.

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6 Responses to Lightweight Game Getter

  1. Miles Welch says:

    I know that it says it fits a Ruger 22/45, but do they make options for older MKII’s?

  2. Sigivald says:

    My only quibble there is that that’s not a “lightweight replacement barrel”.

    It’s an entire replacement receiver and barrel assembly.

    And that’s really a quibble with PacLite, since that’s their terminology.

  3. perspicuity says:

    i like those… except i’d probably want a hammerli

  4. The Outback(2)’s best friend.

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  6. North says:

    Here I was going to take some photos of my Mk III, but it is not nearly as sexy as this version.

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