Owen Zastava Pitt

The main character from Monster Hunter International. Met him yesterday.

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10 Responses to Owen Zastava Pitt

  1. Freiheit says:

    Thats not at all how I imagined Pitt. All due respect to your work and to the subject; he looks more like Grant than Owen. Owen bigger beefier and not that pretty.

  2. vandalchemist says:

    I agree hes also lighter in skin tone than I pictured. Love your website and pictures, but this is a stretch.

  3. Mike says:

    LOL. No kidding! I pictured him a bit, er, well let’s just say it: uglier.

    Not fugly, mind you, but just enough “rough” spots to add grittiness to the character.

  4. Stephen Lee says:

    Ha! I mis-took it the other way: I thought it was a picture of Larry Correia, as you have his name in the upper corner.

  5. Daniel says:

    Think more like Brock Lesnar…only uglier. In a handsome, only-a-mother-could-love kinda way. I mean, he kills a werewolf pretty much with his bare hands.

    Love those books…when does the movie start filming…I want in!

  6. Phil Ward says:

    I haven’t read the book yet, but you’ve pretty much sold it to me with that picture! To their website!

  7. Kevin Baker says:

    I concur – that’s Grant. Owen should be much larger, more rugged, and scarred.

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