The very definition of “custom” holster

“Custom” means made to customer’s specifications, with feature’s just as requested. This atypical Dragon Leatherworks holster shows why people choose individually designed products. The gun it contains, by the way, launches entirely serious .452″ projectiles.

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18 Responses to The very definition of “custom” holster

  1. David E says:

    I’ll bet there’s matching chaps. Hey if the customer is happy, all good.

  2. MAJMike says:

    No accounting for taste, I guess.

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Owning one of Dennis’s Fuglys (which is as far as one can be in the Opposite Direction as that Holster), even though it’s not to my taste, I GUARANTEE the Quality is Top Notch.

  4. Weer'd Beard says:

    Actually if this is the same gun I handled, it’s a Model 25 in .45 Colt, not ACP, so 0.454″ but what’s two thousandths between friends!

    Obnoxiously great holster!

  5. BHirsh says:

    Understand the idea being portrayed, but to me, its execution is silly.

  6. Dragon says:

    There are a few things at play here, folks…

    1) The original copy of this holster was made in April 2013 for The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Along with doing custom holster work, I do custom hand-made leather goods for TV and movies.

    2) Last year, when I was talking with Ray and e-mailed him a picture of the rig, his first reaction was, and I quote “What Drag Queen did you make THAT for?”

    3) For those who don’t know (and if you don’t, you’ve got some serious catching up to do) Ray is an openly gay male.

    4) The conversation with Ray turned to the potentially lucrative LGBT community, the majority of which appreciate high-quality hand-made goods. Especially those doing guy-as-a-girl-as-a-guy performances (Think Victor/Victoria) who have a hard enough time as it is finding quality costuming, let alone costuming that can also be quite functional.

    So, the *idea being portrayed*, for the original copy made for Stephen Colbert, was (at the request of the prop master for the show) something red/white/blue, over the top, as gaudy as I could make it, with the addition of some sort of real fur being a plus. Hence the white rabbit fur.

    As for the second copy (Ray actually now owns the only other copy in existence aside from The Colbert Report show) Ray saw the picture, and in it saw something that would be functional, that he could show off at Gay Pride events, and that, given the setting he intended to wear it in, would help to open new avenues of revenue for my company, along with providing to an under-served demographic, a high-quality hand-made leather good that was fairly priced.

    So, in the words of the great Paul Harvey, now you know *The Rest of the Story*. 🙂

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  8. Ted N says:


  9. Gerry says:

    Niche marketing at work.

  10. Tam says:

    It’s so wrong that it’s actually kinda awesome.

  11. Mr. Volk:

    He’s gay!

    I thought he was a Texan!!!

    Sincerely, SYK

    I’m not joking. I saw this holster and immediately thought of getting a few for some friends in Texas with a star in the middle instead of an eagle. Oh, well.

  12. BGMiller says:

    Admittedly my first thought was “oh dear god why?”

    But after a brief moment of thought I have to say that any world where that holster can exist, and exist as more than a one off joke, is in better shape than many fear.


    • Geodkyt says:

      I long to live in a world where drag queens can proudly wear their spangly holsters and no one even gives a damn. {chuckle}

  13. NotClauswitz says:

    Nice work, but needs pearl-handled grips! Ray I have some for a S&W (I think…) – are you coming to the rendezvous again?

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