New on AllOutdoor: Boberg Arms XR45

Full-size performance in a sub-compact.

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7 Responses to New on AllOutdoor: Boberg Arms XR45

  1. LarryArnold says:

    “White Bear Lake, MN”

    Got to use that in a story. Lots of trees, a dozen lakes, and fireplugs with snow flags.

  2. Y. says:


    One of these could come really handy for summer carry.

  3. John Hardin says:

    Ooo, want.

    Looking forward to ammo reviews.

  4. atp says:

    Interesting that Boberg rates the XR45-S for .45 Super! Hm, how about barrels chambered for .460 Rowland? (Would it need different locking lug geometry?) With its 3.3″ barrel, it should be more powerful than many much larger .44 Magnum revolvers; even more so with the L model’s 4.2″ barrel. Which besides just being awesome, could be useful for advertising purposes. Practical use, bear or other dangerous game defense perhaps.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      He test-fired it with a .460 Rowland last week. The gun worked fine. Arne described muzzle rise as “very noticeable”.

    • Paul Koning says:

      As I recall, .460 Rowland requires a different barrel (slightly longer chamber) but no other changes. Though there was some discussion about possibly offering a steel slide, either for greater durability or reduced recoil if you want to shoot .460 Rowland “a lot”.
      It hasn’t actually become an announced capability at this point, from what I’ve seen, but the possibility was clearly considered along the way. For one thing, the magazine design handles either round because of the way it positions the case (by its rim, not by the case mouth as the XR9 does).

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