Producing a 2015 photo calendar?

Would any of my blog readers know how to produce and distribute a picture calendar? I’d like to use my RKBA images for that but don’t have the spare time to see the project to completion.

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  1. Mike says:

    I’ve never done that before so I’m not your man, but I would definitely want to buy one.

  2. Frank Ch. Eigler says:

    There are a bunch of online printing companies, like cafepress, that will take 12-18 of your images and nail them to custom-printed calendars.

  3. Kevin says:

    Well, Shutterfly lets you build your own, but you would need a hour or two hour. Otherwise, my local printshop does them – you pick a style and drop off photos.

  4. Dave says:

    Creating it would be easy, and I’d love to help. Producing it, not much more challenging.

    Marketing it, though, is beyond my skillset. I’d be happy to help any way I can in the creation, but you’ll need somebody else to make it sell.

  5. Huff says:

    Oleg, Techres and I are doing most of the promotional printing for Appleseed. The printer we use is a friend and cool cat. His prices are great but he really builds his business on service and turn around. Not sure if it would work for you but I can send you contact info if needed.

  6. E. J. Redding says:

    I have very good relationships with several printing outfits. Be happy to help if we can.

    E. J.

  7. Bill Lester says:

    You might want to contact Ian at He did a nice B&W calendar for 2014 that included birthdays for just about every gun designer of merit. Nice glossy stock and good reproductions of historical weapon photos.

  8. Darrell says:

    Dittos on Shutterfly.

  9. Precision270 says:


    My wife can make that happen. She could connect you to some people or do the entire design or anything in between.

  10. Carl Stevenson says:

    I could do that. I’d be interested to understand your thoughts on what you want, style-wise! and your goals (both financially and politically … I suspect you want to make a statement and spread it widely … Something that I’d be keen to participate in.
    I’m retired on disability, so I have time to devote, and again my motivation is high.
    I also follow your work and am in line with the message your work conveys.
    I carry 24/7 and have been active in gun rights politics (passage of enhanced castle doctrine here in PA)
    I also have experience as managing editor of a national magazine, so I have some sense of style.
    Finally I do not have hang ups in the politically correct direction.
    Please email me if you think it’s worth your time to have a chat with me and we can arrange a time.

  11. wry762 says:

    PLEASE do this! I will buy at least one.

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