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Tree-hugging for stability

Half-pint Sharps, 44-40 I forget what rifle this is…I think M700 in 5.56mm with a Magpul stock and Geissele trigger.

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Carrying Rimfire Ammunition in the Field Ithaca M49 Saddlegun  

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A very enduring design.

The first Sharps rifle, a percussion design, dates back to 1848s. Shiloh Sharps makes reproductions of the 1874 cartridge design. Most are equipped with tang vernier sights graduated to compensate for the steep drop of 45-70 bullets. These rifles are … Continue reading

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The heffalumps are in trouble…

And speaking of A.A.Milne — does anyone know why all the texts of “Winnie the Pooh” are gone from the Internet all of a sudden?

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